The Playground of Hollywood

The Playground of Hollywood

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

BEACHHOUSE AWARDS 2013 -- Supporting Actress

And the nominees for Best Supporting Actress are...

SALLY HAWKINS -- "Blue Jasmine"


JENNIFER LAWRENCE -- "American Hustle"

LUPITA NYONG'O -- "12 Years a Slave"

JUNE SQUIBB -- "Nebraska"


  1. I haven't seen Squibb. She looks hilarious though. I also thought Johansson was Lead in her film, but I would nominate her here for Don Jon, so I'm glad you recognize her.

    1) Johansson
    2) Nyong'o
    3) Hawkins
    4) Lawrence

    I really like all three of these performances!

  2. You gotta check out Nebraska. Good film all around, and Squibb was my favorite part. Hilarious.
    I though Johansson deserved to be here for sure. She's not even present except her voice, and yet she makes a fully developed character using just that. Her biggest draw is her sex appeal, and yet here she has nothing but her voice to work with, and it feels real. Best voice-over work since....Ellen as Dory in Finding Nemo???