The Playground of Hollywood

The Playground of Hollywood

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

BEACHHOUSE AWARDS 2013 -- Original Score

And the nominees for Best Original Score are...

ALL IS LOST -- Alexander Ebert

FROZEN -- Christophe Beck

GRAVITY -- Steven Price

HER -- Arcade Fire

PHILOMENA -- Alexandre Desplat


  1. 1) Price
    2) Arcade Fire
    3) Beck
    4) Ebert

    N/S) Philomena (although I've heard the score, and it is delightful)

  2. So much attention is given to the songs of Frozen, but this nomination is strictly for the background score, which I also think is delightful.
    I was surprisingly moved at Arcade Fire's work in Her. Some of the most lovely movie tones I've heard in a while.
    Philomena is both delightful and poetic. Hard to ever vote against Desplat.
    Price's work in Gravity is literally out of this world. Perfect mix of tension, torture and hope.