The Playground of Hollywood

The Playground of Hollywood

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

BEACHHOUSE AWARDS 2013 -- Director

And the nominees for Best Director are...


PAUL GREENGRASS -- "Captain Phillips"

STEVE MCQUEEN -- "12 Years a Slave"

DAVID O. RUSSELL -- "American Hustle"

MARTIN SCORSESE -- "The Wolf of Wall Street"


  1. Personally:

    1) Cuaron
    2) Greengrass
    3) Scorsese
    4) Russell
    5) McQueen

    I love Steve McQueen's previous efforts, but felt that he was his film's own worst enemy. Really though, in my eyes this was Cuaron's and no one else's.

  2. It's funny, cause in my mind a have a clear winner already chosen, but the hardest part is sometimes whittling down the list of 7-8 to only 5 choices.

  3. I hear you. For me, the winner was a little harder to determine because Gravity is my #5 movie of the year. It just squeaks into my Top Five, which isn't to say it isn't a brilliant film, but this year was just SO GOOD...but even though I prefer four other films, for me the whole entity of Gravity hinged on Cuaron's masterful direction. He was the soul of that film, which is why I currently hand him the win.