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The Playground of Hollywood

Friday, December 16, 2011

Review - Young Adult (2011)

My quick thoughts on YOUNG ADULT... Definitely not a "feel-good" movie by any means. Very mature filmmaking from one of our most talented young American directors. A strong performance by Charlize Theron, and wonderful supporting work from Patton Oswalt in what could have been a cliche character part very easily. He is the story's conscience and somewhat catalyst at the same time. A film worth checking out, but certainly not Reitman's best. Last time he and Diablo Cody teamed up, we got "Juno", where everyone is always looking on the bright side. Here, pretty much the total opposite. Theron's character is depressed, a constant drinker, and has receded into her longing for youth so badly that her job is to perpetually write a now-failing series of young adult novels, and she travels back to her home town to try to steal her high school sweetheart away from his wife and newborn baby. "Young Adult" in this case could almost literally be translated as "Prolonged Adolescence", cause that's exactly what Theron's character is stuck in. No need to rush out to the theaters, especially with everything else playing this holiday season. Did I enjoy it, yes. It it worth the ticket price? It's a toss-up. To me, a rental would be just fine.     
Rating = B
Possible Nominations
Best Actress (Charlize Theron)

Best Supporting Actor (Patton Oswalt)
Best Original Screenplay

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