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The Playground of Hollywood

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Post-nomination thoughts and reactions....

Wow. What a tough, tough year in this game of Oscars. I didn't get quite as many as last year, but still, out of 104 possible correct nominations, including my alternate choices in each category, I got 89 right. I'll take it. 86% isn't exactly bad at this. A few quick thoughts...

1. Jonah Hill is an Oscar nominated actor.....Let me say that again...JONAH HILL is an Oscar-nominated actor!!!!!  That means Jonah Hill = 1 ... Errol Flynn, Jim Carrey, Edward G. Robinson, Buster Keaton, Bob Hope, Fred MacMurray = 0

2. On the other hand, GARY OLDMAN IS AN OSCAR-NOMINATED ACTOR. About freaking time guys! If he didn't get into the race here, I was under the impression that he very likely never would be. Might be the nod I'm most happy about this year. And happy I predicted it too.

3. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close just became the lowest-rated reviewed film to be nominated for Best Picture since I don't even know when. There was much outcry when The Blind Side snuck into the race a few years ago, but even that film was at 66% positive reviews, with the public rating into the 90% range. Extremely Close is currently running at 48% positive reviews, with only 67% with the public??? How does that make this a viable "Best Picture of the Year" choice. Ugh.

4. Very happy to see Demian Bichir in the race. I was hoping for it, and I think he gives one of the best performances this year in "A Better Life". Well-deserved sir.

5. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo gets 5 nods, all in technical categories except for Rooney Mara in actress, but is snubbed in screenplay, director, and Picture. You gotta wonder how many people didn't even wanna see it, knowing what kind of movie there were in for.

6. J.C. Chandor scoring a nod for his screenplay to Margin Call is awesome. I had it listed as a possibility, but didn't think it'd actually have a chance. But it is one of the better films of the year, with an amazing cast, and a very sharply written script. The film was mostly overlooked by the public this year. I didn't even hear about it here in ATL until it was already on DVD. But it's worthy, so check it out if you haven't.

7. Damn you sound categories!!! Only 3/5 in both, and that's including my alternate choices! 2/5 and 1/5 without? Ouch! Oh, and I apparently still suck as predicting Makeup. Haven't gotten more than 1 choice right for 3 years running now. Ouch again!

8. Haven't heard of A Cat in Paris and/or Chico & Rita? You have now. I unfortunately didn't predict it to happen, but I did mention them both as outside chances. Both films now finds themselves in the Animated Feature race. Tintin was lost at sea. Arthur Christmas was left in the cold. Winnie the Pooh got lost in the get the point.

9. Seriously, if this is the type of ridiculousness they're going to do in the Song category, just cancel the category at this point. How can you only have 2 nominees? 2? It already sucked back in 2006 & 2008 when you had 3. But 2??? You know when this has happened before in Oscar history? NEVER.  Literally, we've NEVER had only 2 nominees. The only plus side is that it pretty much guarantees a win for The Muppets.

10. The fact that Project Nim and Buck aren't in the Documentary race may be one of the worst snubs in the entire year. Both are wonderful, both are deserving, and both got snubbed. Oh, and Project Nim was the perceived "frontrunner".

11. Happy to see 3 nods for the final film in the Harry Potter series, and hopefully they can capitalize on at least 1 of the 3. Hard to believe this series has never won an Oscar. Best chance has to be Makeup, as I feel Art Direction & Visual Effects are already pretty sewn up.

A few final things I'm sad for....
  • Still never a nomination in the X-Men series.
  • Mission: Impossible got nothing.
  • Super 8 missed entirely, even after getting nods from both sound guilds.
  • I called it correct that there would be a film up for Editing that wasn't also up for Picture, something that hadn't happened in 3 years. But I said it would be Drive...It was Dragon Tattoo.
  • Shailene Woodley was snubbed for The Descendants. And she might be the performance I'm most sad about missing. One of my favs of the year.
  • Shame was shut out. Wrong.

Ok, enough ranting and raving for now. Gotta head out to a screening soon. What a day!

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