The Playground of Hollywood

The Playground of Hollywood

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Films reviews...

For the last year or two, I've been thinking about not just posting grades for the films that I see each year, but also a short (paragraph or two) review of each one. I used to do it when I still ran to Oscar Beachhouse website thru Yahoo Geocities. Unfortunately, I lost about 7 years worth of information when the server closed down, and since I started this blog, I've never quite gotten around to it again. But that is officially going to change. Starting right now, already 6 months in (sorry) to the year, I will be posted my thoughts and reviews for each new film that I see from that year, and also likely throwing in older reviews from previous viewed films as well. So far, this year, either in theaters or on DVD, I've been 26 films. And that number will grow on a weekly basis, at the least. In any given year, I see somewhere between 100-150 of the films that are released. Not too shabby.

Just an FYI, it's unlikely that I'll be reviewing many of the films that universally get really bad reviews. A few of them may squeak thru on curiosity alone, but if the general consensus on a film is to absolutely not waste my $... I probably won't.

That said, the reviews are in the works, and will begin to be posted soon. Enjoy!!!

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