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The Playground of Hollywood

Friday, November 9, 2012

Lincoln is officially a top-tier, front-runner contender for the crown this year

LINCOLN has officially joined ARGO as the two most-likely candidates for a Best Picture nomination so far this year. The film opens in limited release this week, and goes wider next.

Almost every single major movie publication is gushing over the film, over Spielberg's direction, and over several of the performances, highlighted by Daniel Day-Lewis in what several are calling a "sure-bet" Best Actor winning performance. Whether that is proven at Oscar time, we shall see. Don't forget, no man has even won 3 Best Actor awards. Several have two (including Day-Lewis, Dustin Hoffman, Sean Penn, Jack Nicholson & Marlon Brando), but no man has ever taken home a 3rd Best Actor. But here's one thing that's clear...Lincoln is no War Horse. (Meaning War Horse was still quite good, but didn't live up to the hype for many)

As of this writing, Lincoln is running at a 93% positive review rating on RottenTomatoes, with the "Top Critics" just besting that with a 94.

To put that into perspective, that is the best score for a Spielberg film in a decade, since 2002, when both Catch Me If You Can AND the sadly under-appreciated Minority Report both score is the 90s as well. Since 02, in his directing canon, you have...

Minority Report (2002) - 92
Catch Me If You Can (2002) - 96
The Terminal (2004) - 60
War of the Worlds (2005) - 74
Munich (2005) - 78  [Best Picture & Best Director nods]
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - 78   (yes, it did that well. Lots of people liked it, including me)
The Adventures of Tintin (2011) - 75
War Horse (2011) - 78  [Best Picture nod]

So yeah, I'm excited for a week from now. There was unfortunately only 1 public screening in Atlanta this week, and I was already engaged with work, so I was unable to attend. So I get to see it next week with most of the lot of you. Here's hoping it not only fulfills our expectations, but surpasses them.

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